For the first time, 4A’s is providing a selective list of digital start ups an opportunity to engage in conversation with conference attendees in the Exhibit Hall at Transformation New Orleans: The Idea Effect.

We selected the 7 companies on the basis of digital services that need to be provided that are not available now. The balance of our exhibitors have been providing needed services for some period of time. Please visit all of our exhibitors in the Storyville Room. This is the room which will provide all the food, drink and coffee breaks during the conference … except for the Monday night banquet.

Come visit these great startups and see a demo of their innovative products.

Come visit at Booth 1

Launched at DEMO in October 2012, Bonfyre is a free mobile app available on iPhone and Android that answers the question: how can I share better with the people that matter? Whether it’s a family vacation, night out with friends or a birthday, Bonfyre helps you plan, capture and share those experiences with the people that make them memorable.

Come visit at Booth 2

Simulmedia was founded by serial entrepreneur Dave Morgan in 2009. Earlier, Mr. Morgan founded TACODA, an online advertising company that pioneered online behavioral marketing and was bought by AOL in 2007. And before TACODA, Mr. Morgan founded Real Media, one of the world’s first ad serving and online ad network companies and a predecessor to 24/7 Real Media (now owned by WPP). Simulmedia brings online and data methodologies and lessons learned from Mr. Morgan’s prior companies to traditional television advertising. Simulmedia recently raised its C series; investors include Avalon Ventures, Time Warner Investments, and Union Square Ventures.

Come visit at Booth 3

PowerLinks delivers ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, create or sell online advertising. Leading web publishers, advertisers, ad networks and agencies use PowerLinks in order to incrementally grow their online advertising businesses. Our products offer market leading rich media, video and mobile compatibility which combine with PowerLinks expertise in ad serving and media planning. This allows us to deliver a high ROI for advertisers whilst empowering publishers to remain in complete control of their web assets.

Come visit at Booth 4

NUVI provides actionable, real-time insights from the vast ocean of social conversation. The idea was born when a customer requested something better than current market offerings. With a unique blend of art and science, NUVI helps non-analytical types instantly visualize the story being told by data. We are an interesting blend of artists, engineers, strategists, marketers, teachers and students. We love what we do.

Come visit at Booth 5

YourTango is a digital media company dedicated to love and relationships. As the thinking woman’s media brand, we are leading the conversation that is closest to women’s hearts.

YourTango offers real, relatable text and video content, along with an active, highly engaged community where users learn, affirm, share and connect on matters of the heart.

YourTango is the property of Tango Media, a private company based in New York City.

Come visit at Booth 6

Mobilewalla (MW) is a “big data” venture, operating one of the fastest growing data platforms in the world and creating some of the most innovative solutions to perform real-time “big analytics” upon this data. MW gathers virtually all available information regarding every mobile app running on the 4 major smart phone platforms (Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows). This information is then processed and made available to the various participants in the mobile media and app ecosystem.

Come visit at Booth 10

Machinima is the next generation of video entertainment for gamers. We provide comprehensive, gaming-focused programming to the hard-to-reach 18 to 34-year-old male demographic. Our ever-growing global reach blankets more than 250 million unique gamers. This network is constantly tuned in and engaged, viewing in excess of 2.5 billion videos in January 2013 alone. This passionate online community has made us the number one all-time entertainment channel on YouTube.